Because she knows,Lu Menglin is definitely not an impulsive and ignorant man,This person has terrible intelligence,Cool head,And the great commercial success has proven his ability。

People like this,Once standing on the opposite side of the Su family,Absolutely impossible to exist without threat。
But the Su family is very strong,Dealing with such an enemy must be like a lion fighting a rabbit,Do your best,Any behavior that despises opponents,Are very likely to suffer unbearable failure。
Although Lu Menglin is his idol,But at this moment,Su Yunlei has regarded him as the worst enemy,Able to compete with your idol,I feel so excited just thinking about it。
Maybe it’s because of Su Yunlei’s sharp character,Is the real reason for being appreciated by Mrs. Su。
With the decision of Missy,The rest of the Su family dare not speak at will,They just silently followed Lu Menglin and his group,The crowd gathers,One after another came to the main hall of the Su family to meet guests。
This main hall is used by the Su family to formally entertain guests,6 meters high,The area is more than 300 square meters,The decoration is more luxurious than the lobby of a five-star hotel。
The whole hall is in original Chinese style,At first glance, it doesn’t look like mountains and water,In fact, the details are done very well,The wealth of the rich family is everywhere。
Su Yunlei brought Lu Menglin and his party to the main hall,Pointing to the row of carved armchairs for meeting guests,Smiled:“Mr. Lu,Please take a seat!wait for a second,The elders in the family are coming soon。”
Lu Menglin didn’t refuse,I sat down on the armchair。
The Su family who watched the excitement around saw this scene,Most of the people curl their lips involuntarily,Smile in my heart。
To know,This row of grand division chairs in the main hall,But not just any customer is qualified to sit on it。
Only the distinguished guest from the Su family,The real big shots,Only qualified to sit there。
Such a hairy boy now,Actually sat down,I’m afraid I’ll be driven down,I saw a joke。
Su Yi and Su Xuehen didn’t sit on the row of grandmaster chairs,Because their mother and daughter are originally the Su family,Naturally won’t sit in a guest chair,But the current situation,They can’t regard themselves as Su family,So I can only stand beside Lu Menglin。
This scene looks in the eyes of the Su family,It’s really strange。