“What i said,I know there are other reasons,Want to go abroad?”

Ding Kelan saw more family waiters standing around,Take Chen Limu aside,Talking while walking:“Not necessarily going abroad,But will go to sea,Some places will ask for a passport。”
“Turned out to be like this,Are you going to eat at home today?”
“No more,Lin Hai is waiting for me!correct,mom,Do you remember the water red fabric skirt I gave on your birthday last time??”
“Why did you ask this question suddenly?Mom gave it to the girl who returned Jack,It’s raining today,She got wet,Put it on for her,You bought too many clothes for mom,Wouldn’t you blame mom for sending a dress out?。”
“how could be,For you,You can do it yourself,I ran into a girl in water red on the road,By the way。”
“Is it afternoon3、4At o’clock?”
“Seems to be at that time。”
“That’s the girl who returned the dog。”
“She found the dog?~”After Ding Kelan listened to her mother’s introduction,Can’t help talking to himself,The brain flashed various scenes of Hetian Lu meeting,Smile unconsciously。
Chen Limu stared at his son’s face with a smirk,Wondered for a while。
First33chapter ripple
After Ding Kelan got his passport,Return to the ferry port where you meet with the iron buddy Linhai。blue sea, blue sky,Baifan Little,Breeze。
“Such a nice view,It’s not monotonous to have a few women with me。”Lin Hai looks at the sea,Long and narrow eyes,Keep your eyes on the water under the pavilion,Sigh of boredom。
See Ding Kelan not talking,Continue to ask and answer。“You said,It’s nice to have more female buddies around。”
Ding Kelan knew what he was going to say,If it wasn’t for Xie Lisu’s father to go abroad to study,These female buddies who are tired of being with them all year round,I’m right by my side,Add some spice and fun to life。
Ding Kelan held the passport in his hand,I can’t say a few words to Lin Hai,I’m caught in an irresistible distraction。
Lin Hai shouted:“Buddies,What do you think,It’s not like thinking about work,Won’t it be a woman??”
Ding Kelan uncovered,Said:“Let me tell you,I ran into a girl recently,Different from what i have seen before,Is a very interesting girl,Soon after graduating from university, it is logically young,But this one always feels special,Careless and unspeakable。”