Think carefully,Know without thinking,How much life and death has this child experienced along the way,It’s no wonder that she was really moved by the man who protected herself。

Hu Lin’s mother let out a long sigh of relief,Shook his head and smiled:“Silly boy!He just went to work,Let’s find him again,Invite him to play at home, OK??correct,Which son is he?It seems that I want to say hello to their adults in advance。”
Two other men,I also have a good impression of the guy just now,They also think this is a matter of course,I won’t object at all。
To know,In the Hu clan,Hu Lin’s mother Hu Yang,Very strong,As long as she clinched things,Mostly no one dares to object。
The lucky boy just now,No matter what he is,Even if it’s just a child of an ordinary family,Just a word from Hu Yang,To recruit him,He will reach the sky in one step。
I don’t know if my mother’s voice is over,Hu Lin was embarrassed,Bowed his head,Refuse to speak。
Populus knows that her daughter is always bold,Temper and personality are in the same line as myself,If she dare not say,It’s probably because this teenager’s status and status are not worthy of Hu’s。
“Arlene,you do not need to worry。as long as you like it,Mommy will help you。Your grandfather also said last time,Let you fall in love freely,Never arranged marriage。”Hu Yang said with a smile。
At this moment,Hu Lin finally plucked up the courage,Muttered:“Mommy,Others are nice,The strength is also very strong。Just,Just have a little trouble,Little trouble。”
“What trouble?”Hu Yang looked at his daughter dozingly,Asked。
“He’s in the hunting ring。But he is very good,Became acting commander at a young age。”Hu Lin said quickly。
As soon as Hu Yang heard the three words “outer hunting ring”,Suddenly his face changed drastically,What did the daughter say behind,I didn’t even hear a word。
“Mommy,Mommy, what’s wrong with you?”Hu Lin saw her mother’s look,I knew it was bad,Continuous channel。
Populus face sinks like water,Take a deep look at the direction where Lu Menglin left.。
She regrets,I knew that boy was from the hunting ring,Should keep him,Let him stay with his daughter,Take him to the capital,Let my daughter see,How big is the gap between the refugees in the outer hunting ring and the young people in the capital?,Because only this,So that my daughter can see reality,Dispel this stupid idea。
“Nothing,Let’s go home first!Anyway you know where he is,It’s the same when I come back to him next time。”Hu Yang shook his head,Speak softly。