“This bronze lord,I don’t see clearly。”

As soon as this word comes out,Zhou Xing and other people are all looking,Some people in the live broadcast room also feel that the anchor is not blind?At first glance, Mr. Chen is an old world,And very powerful,Will punch,Get a fake?
Populus is very tactful,But many people can still hear,Actually means fake,It seems to be an antique jargon too?Unmasking scars face to face,Even if you know it’s a fake,I also said that I didn’t see clearly or something。
“what!is it?”Old Hong looked at Old Chen with intriguing expression。
This old guy,Isn’t it a trick??
Just now,He also saw this thing,Feel ok。
This is a typical bronze style,Flow before,Pouring trough,Sharp tail behind,Middle abdomen,A cup of wine,There is lilac on one side of cup,Three legs,There is a column between the flow and the mouth of the cup。
Old Chen smiled freely:“Tell me,What’s wrong。Just now,This bronze lord,Many people have watched,But I didn’t see anything。”
in fact,He knows,This is the latest high imitation,Almost fake,More than 90% of my peers can’t see,Experts are all on the street。
Taking advantage of this tea meeting,Chairman Fang asked him to bring it over,Make a typical,Then do an analysis,So everyone knows this。I came into contact with bronzes later,Pay attention to this kind of thing,Try to avoid losses。
“what!Really have a problem?”Xin Zhao and others looked at Hu Yang and Old Chen in disbelief。
From Chen Lao’s tone,They guessed,Old Chen knew it beforehand,Deliberately used it to test everyone, etc.。
“Ok!This thing,Chairman Fang has also seen it,He felt that we should be alert,So let me bring it over。”Old Chen nodded。
Old Hong tentatively asked:“This stuff,How did you come?Punched?”
Old Chen gave this old guy angrily,Deliberately asked,Intentionally let him lose face!
“Be it!A guy brought to my shop,Said to sell。I felt pretty good at the time,Plus cheap,Just over ten thousand,I bought it。Take a closer look,Check out the flaw。”
The market price of the bronze trophy is generally between hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands in the auction market, depending on its appearance and degree of incompleteness.。Few can reach millions,Has belonged to the current industry recognized first-class grade。
This one in front of me,Intact appearance,Hundreds of thousands of definite value,So at first I thought it was a big leak。
Finished,Old Chen looks at Populus:“Xiao Hu,You talk,What’s wrong?”