Of course he recognized it,This is a Tianzun bracelet,It’s a red moon gear for Taoist profession,The value is not the same as the holy war necklace I just got。

If I look back now,Back to Bairimen City,The harvest from this trip is enough to make yourself rich and beautiful,I’ve spent the rest of my life comfortably。
but,When the wooden knife is not far away,When Wu Hao, the young man who smiled,Suddenly it was like a basin of cold water on the back,Wake up immediately。
The wooden knife gritted its teeth,Stride forward,Holding this Tianzun bracelet in both hands,Respectfully handed it to Lu Menglin’s face。
“Alu,Keep this equipment first,This is Tianzun bracelet,It’s a red moon gear for Taoist professions。”The wooden knife said solemnly。
Lu Menglin took this Tianzun bracelet from him,I played with it in my hand,Really feels good。
This bracelet is as gentle as jade,Feel wonderful,But the hardness of the material is more than ten times higher than jade,Among them, there are strong energy fluctuations,Worthy of being a super equipment in the name of Tianzun。
At this moment,The big warrior behind the four finally got up slowly,This man has a pale face,Keep an eye on the Tianzun bracelet in Lu Menglin’s hand。
“Wooden knife,what do you mean?”The warrior said in a gloomy voice。
The first thousand and five chapters Behead
The wooden knife turned around,All smiles,Tao:“Chiya Brothers,long time no see!are you OK?”
It turns out that the wooden knife and this great warrior are old acquaintances,It sounds like they have a good relationship。