The two of them were talking,Safety belt,The safety bars are also down。There are no safety risks。

The staff shouted:“Ask the captain to sail。”So the pirate ship slowly began to move。
With the singing speed getting faster and faster,The boat swings more and more。
When their feet reached the highest point, no accident,Lin Yoona still shouted,I came out but I was mostly excited this time。
Lin Yuner kept her eyes open when she even shouted this time,And waving his hands,Even pulling Xiao Fan’s hands and waving。
Knew it,I’m not afraid after playing it a few times,This is real。
Whenever it reaches the highest point,Lin Yuner would be very excited while laughing and shouting that Xiao Fan was infected by Lin Yuner,Also yelled a few words,Waved to the opposite person。
Now think about the employees of the Personnel Group if they see Xiao Fan like this,You might be surprised,May have scared his chin。
Mr. Xiao, who is always unsmiling in the company,At this time, shouting and laughing on the pirate ship in the playground,What is this concept?OK,OK。
After Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona played once,Xiao Fan asked Lin Yuner:“Do you want to play again??You can queue up again。”
Lin Yuna said:“Stop playing,If you don’t play, it’s because it’s close to that restaurant,Just come and play once,Let’s keep going,Take a look at what else to play ahead。”
Xiao Fan said:“So easy to go,Bar。”Two people hold hands together and continue walking。
while walking,Lin Yun was attracted,This is what I said to Xiao Fan,One of her favorite projects:Catch the doll。
There are so many claw machines in the playground,They came to this place to set up a row of six claw machines,There are all kinds of dolls and toys inside。
Lin Yoona can’t move her feet standing in front of the claw machine,After Xiao Fan saw it, he told Lin Yoona:“Want to play。”
Lin Yun nodded,Xiao Fan said:“I’ll change the game currency,No coins here。”
“it is good,I am here waiting for you。”Xiao Fan went to the toll office and exchanged a box of game coins,Even the box was given away for a fee,Changed100Game currency。
Lin Yoona was shocked when she saw the box。Although before,His parents often bring her to the playground and they often play with dolls。