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Sincerely, Millennium
First874chapter bad,Is the feeling of heart
“Your design bureau can use it normallyL-39Is it?”Chen Geng Xiang Yuli·Kravchenko asked:“Can you let your pilot take me around?”
You have to fly in the sky?
Yuri·Kravchenko immediately looked at Alexander·Holmdorov:He can’t do this kind of thing。
Alexander·Holmdorov also numb his claws:Yuri·Kravchenko can’t be the master,Is it your ownKGBCan the little agent be the master??The Lord in front of you,That can be with the President of the United States、The vice president can talk about it。
Alexander·Holmdorov looked embarrassed.:“This one……This one……Mr. Fernandez……”
Although Alexander·Holmdorov is unclear,But Chen Geng immediately understood:“such,You can ask for me first。”
Alexander·Holmdorov was relieved,Nodded quickly:“Ok。”
“and also,Please ask me if I can buy oneL-39。”
“buy……Buy one?”
Not only Alexander·Holmdorov,The people from the Ivchenko Design Bureau unconsciously opened their mouths.:American billionaire,Are they all so headstrong??
“Ok,I like this airplane very much,I hope I can buy one for collection,”Chen Geng nodded:“You can take down the sensitive military equipment on the plane,But the aircraft must be able to fly normally、Normal use。”
If it’s a plane with military systems and equipment removedL-39Trainer……Alexander·Holmdorov thinks this is still impossible,althoughL-39Just a trainer,The confidentiality level cannot be compared with the MiG—29Such a Soviet Air Force’s main fighter jet is on par,But this is also the main air force equipment of the Soviet Air Force and even the entire Warsaw Pact Organization.,I’ll sell it to you?
But he is still a little curious,Can’t help but ask Chen Geng:“Mr. Fernandez,Can i ask,What are you planning to do when you buy this plane?Your private jet is so luxurious……”