As Miss Hu Lin,Would actually say something like this,This really surprised them。

That kid got lucky!Just a word from Miss Hu Lin,He became a genuine commander,Although it’s just a small gathering place for human races,But for people in these hunting areas,It’s equivalent to climbing in one step。
To know,At night, the South Korean military department rarely promotes the commander in the assembly point,They are usually soldiers who have failed genetic modification,Exiled to the outer hunting ring,Let them take the post of commander of the assembly point。
Maybe for the upper class,They don’t look down on the gathering point commander’s bluff,Soilless duties,But in the hunting ring,A commander,Is the god of the whole gathering point,Say nothing,Whatever you want,Because they represent the will of Yehan Shangguo,Those who dare to defy the will of the country,Have been turned into bones,Disappeared in this world。
Zhong Ming was also taken aback,He really didn’t expect,The reporter sister in the investigation team,The background is so big!
but,Master Wu Hao has ordered first,He won’t make claims,But with a smile on his face:“Sorry!I am so sorry!Our acting commander is really not in the city。I can’t help it!”
“Bold!You push again and again,Be careful i broke you!”Xing Wei frowned,Pull out the pistol at the waist,On Zhong Ming’s forehead。
In his capacity,Even if the adjutant at this gathering point is destroyed by a single shot,That’s it,Really nothing!
Zhong Ming was pointed at his forehead by a black hole,The smile on his face instantly solidified,But still shook his head firmly,Said:“Or not!”
Hu Lin quickly scolded:“what are you doing?Put the gun away!”
Xingwei glared,Unhappy,But dare not offend the goddess in my heart,Because he knows,If you don’t take the gun,With Hu Lin’s hot character,Might really do it with yourself,Thus,The impression of the goddess is greatly reduced,It will only be in vain for other suitors。
So he won’t do such brainless things!
and so,He put away the gun decisively,Staring at Zhong Ming with a cold face。
Zhong Ming cursed in his heart,Pooh!You’re so awesome!Not a little licking dog,Want to scare me?no way!
At this moment,Miss Hu Lin frowned and asked:“He is really outside the city?Then you contact,Can’t let him come back?”
This remark,Zhong Ming almost wanted to slap his thighs,I thought Master Wu Hao really had a great deal,Count all the opponent’s reactions as deadly,Too strong!
He quickly followed Master Wuhao’s orders,Pretending to be miserable:“This Shangguan,It’s not that we don’t want to contact,It’s because the equipment in our Sandstorm City is too backward,Just out of town,Those primitive and backward communication equipment all automatically fail,The signal cannot be transmitted at all,I really can’t reach them either!”
What he said,A white and clean young officer next to Hu Lindao whispered:“Sister Lin,What he said is true!Those ectopic creatures have a very powerful magnetic field,Even our 16th generation communicator will be disturbed,Only the most advanced 18th generation signal source can be used normally。”
“The tattered communication equipment they use,Ha ha!It’s between the second and third generations!It’s normal to be unavailable。”
This white officer finished,Hu Lin nodded thoughtfully。