[Can pregnant women eat ginseng stewed chicken]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat ginseng stewed chicken]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

Ginseng stewed chicken is a kind of food with good nourishing effect. Many people will eat ginseng stewed chicken to improve their physique, strengthen their immunity and resistance, and resist various diseases.

Of course, the applicable population of ginseng stewed chicken is relatively wide, and it is also more suitable for pregnant women.

Let me introduce the practice of ginseng stewed chicken and the benefits of eating ginseng stewed chicken for pregnant women!

First, can pregnant women eat ginseng stewed chicken?
Pregnant women can eat some ginseng stewed chicken in moderation. It has no effect. In the early stages of pregnancy, the mother’s various systems have undergone corresponding changes due to pregnancy, the body’s resistance has decreased, and colds and urinary system infections have occurred.
Properly supplementing some ginseng at this time can improve the autoimmunity of pregnant women.

However, ginseng belongs to the ingredients. Most pregnant women have yin and blood deficiency after pregnancy. Consuming ginseng supplements can cause qi and stagnation, aggravate pregnancy reactions, and easily cause edema and hypertension. Chicken soup is recommended, but it is bestDon’t put ginseng.

If pregnant women are taking ginseng, it should be done under the guidance of a doctor. During the course of taking ginseng, if symptoms such as insomnia, chest tightness, belching, bloating, rose rash, itching of the skin, and nosebleeds occur, stop taking it immediately to avoid causing moreserious consequence.

The chicken soup that pregnant women drink, the hen soup is the best, because the hen soup can make a body to nourish the blood. If you use a rooster, it can’t be done at all, but the rooster soup is easy to get angry, and the liver is hot.
There are also many types of hens. Domestic chickens, grass chickens, and silk bone chickens are the most common types of chickens in our lives. Of course, there are pheasants, but the pheasants on the market have too high feed ingredients.Don’t eat it.

Of these three types of chickens in public, grass chickens are preferred, followed by black-bone chickens.

Second, pregnant women can not eat ginseng during pregnancy and childbirth, pregnant women should not take ginseng, because ginseng has anticoagulant effect, taking ginseng will increase the risk of postpartum bleeding in pregnant women.

The types of ginseng taken by pregnant women at different times are different.

For example, red ginseng should be taken in early pregnancy, and those with a hot constitution can take raw sun ginseng; edema is obvious in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, and red ginseng can be taken;

In short, pregnant women should take ginseng under the guidance of a doctor.

Third, the common practice of pregnant women eating ginseng stewed chicken materials: 800g of three yellow chickens, 500g of glutinous rice, 10g of garlic, 10g of red dates, 30g of chestnut kernels, 7g of small ginseng and 3g of green onions.

Method: 1. Rinse three yellow chickens in clean water, chop off chicken head, neck, and chicken feet.


Soak the glutinous rice in water for 1 hour, drain it, wash the red dates, and cut the green onions into green onions.

2. Add glutinous rice to the chicken belly (in order to avoid overlapping during cooking, put glutinous rice first), garlic, chestnut kernels, and small ginseng.

3. Then use the knife inside the chicken leg to make a small opening, and insert the chicken legs into the small opening.

4. Put the chicken in the pot, put in the water about 2 cm before the chicken 5, and add other chestnut kernels, small ginseng, red dates, salt, cooking wine, white pepper powder, and cook on high heat for 30 minutes and turn to low heatStew for 1 hour.

6. After the chicken is cooked, remove the chicken and put it into the soup pot. Remove the oil from the soup, sprinkle the green onions, and sprinkle the sesame oil.

Delicious out!