Plus the arrival of Populus and his party,The patriarch’s family is more confident,Don’t worry about not selling your treasure。

And that fellow,See Populus and they come in,Does not seem to be vigilant。
In his opinion,Populus young people,What can I see?You have no abilities?Several pieces of gold and silver jewelry,Honestly,It’s a very high price to give 500,000,There is almost no profit。
You take it to the gold store to sell,If he can sell 200,000, he will lose。
and so,He is not worried about Hu Yang’s intervention。Say again,He hasn’t finished talking here,Since Populus is an insider,Should know the rules,Can’t disrupt。
The villagers who brought Populus,Gave a brief introduction to the patriarch,Everyone is polite to each other,Say hello。
“You guys talk first。”Hu Yang smiled。
then,He took Huazai and the others to sit down,And the old man,I don’t seem to care about those pieces of antique jewelry。
The old patriarch poured a few cups of tea to these young people like Hu Yang,Also willing to talk to young people。
That colleague is very satisfied with Hu Yang’s attitude,Keep saying:“Five hundred thousand is my greatest sincerity,Really big brother,You take it to the gold store to sell,200,000 may not be able to receive。
I’m already considering that they are antiques,Only gave half a million,You must let me earn a little too?”
Finished,Also pulled Populus into the water:“You do not believe,Ask the younger brother,These gold and silver jewelry,Is 500,000 cheating?。”
People from the old patriarch’s family looked at Populus,I want to hear what this young man said。
After all, from what they learned,This guy is fair,Even the two stone lions at the entrance of the ancestral hall,Gave a million,Enough to prove that Hu Yang’s words can be trusted。
Populus is speechless,Unprovoked,Pull him as a shield?The other party has a good idea。
Since that guy wants to use him,Then don’t blame him for talking nonsense。
then,Hu Yang moved the stool over,Pick up a hairpin from the box,Open road:“Single strand as a bun,Double strands for hairpin,So this is hairpin。Everyone also see,This is made of gold。But if it is only calculated according to the value of gold,Actually not worth a lot of money,This hairpin is just a few thousand yuan……”
Didn’t wait for Hu Yang to finish,That person immediately happily:“Listen to,I was right?Just this hairpin,I counted tens of thousands for you,Isn’t it fair enough??”